Doubt and the Great Return

book pages on gray stone during daytime


Do you ever feel like you have ventured so far from the path that even GPS can’t get you going the right way again?
I have. Until recently, I started doubting myself. I started doubting this blog. I started doubting that anyone would want to read about my experience or follow my advice. As you may know, once doubt creeps in, it can destroy dreams and goals. It can take you to a place that isn’t at all where you wanted your destination to end…. and that’s exactly what happened to me.
low angle view of road in mist
I started this blog because I feel that I have some valuable insight that could help others. I haven’t touched on much of my story yet, but I will. I have a long and winding road that got me to the person that I am today. I know that others may be on that same road, or a similar one. I was hoping this blog could help those that need guidance, wish someone understood them, or just to remind someone that they aren’t alone. I wanted to be that voice that I needed so many times in the past.
 So, I started writing. Until…. the dreaded doubt that we already talked about crept in like a thief in the night and tried to take away what God put on my heart to do…. and I almost let it happen.
“You have taught many people
and given strength to feeble hands.
When someone stumbled, weak and tired,
your words encouraged him to stand.” – Job 4:3-4
Suddenly, I realized that I need to use my voice to keep trying to help others. To be there. To say the things that will guide some ladies just like me… maybe just like you too.
I hope you all are willing to get on board and help me keep this going. He left the 99, he found me again.
shallow focus photography of open book beside blue ceramic cup